QUDOS 4th plenary meeting (internal)

March 2024 - QUDOS researchers gather at the University of Cambridge for the 4th plenary meeting

Around 30 researchers from the four universities of QUDOS consortium (namely the University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, University of Southampton and UCL) gathered at Cambridge for the fourth plenary meeting of the QUDOS Programme Grant on 12 March 2024. This plenary meeting was a consortium members-only meeting for detailed technical discussion of the project developments. 

Alwyn Seeds

Alwyn Seeds of UCL, Principal Investigator of QUDOS, started the meeting by outlining the latest progress of the programme.  Researchers from the four universities then gave talks on the developments of their specific projects.

Huiwen Deng and Hui Jia of UCL described recent advances in InAs/GaAs quantum dot growth on GaAs and Si substrates, and Ge and Si buffer growth on Si substrates for quantum dot lasers. 

Huiwen Deng

Huiwen Dang, UCL

Hui Jia

Hui Jia, UCL

Frederic Gardes and Ilias Skandalos of the University of Southampton talked about the progress of the integration platform and the integration of quantum-controlled Stark effect optical modulators. 

Frederic Gardes

Frederic Gardes, University of Southampton

Ilias Skandalos

Ilias Skandalos, University of Southampton

Ben Jakobs, Pawan Mishra and Dun Qiao of Cardiff University talked about universally useable gain/absorption model for quantum dot materials, intermixing InGaAs quantum dot material, and multi-phase shift grating comb reflectors. 

Ben Jakobs

Ben Jakobs, Cardiff University

Pawan Mishra

Pawan Mishra, Cardiff University

Dun Qian

Dun Qiao, Cardiff University

Alwyn Seeds

Researchers listen carefully to the presentations

Finally, Qixiang Cheng of the University of Cambridge and Christina Vivian of UCL talked about QUDOS demonstrations on switching, sensing and computing, as well as monolithically integrated III/V-on-Si microwave photonic transmitters. 

Qixiang Cheng

Qixiang Cheng, University of Cambridge

Christina Vivian

Christina Vivian, UCL

Researchers from the four universities also took the opportunity to highlight their research work through presentations and poster displays. 

IMG_6149 2024-03-14 14_25_55.jpg

IMG_6159 2024-03-14 14_25_56.jpg
IMG_6104 2024-03-14 14_25_52.jpg IMG_6145 2024-03-14 14_28_39.jpg

There were lively and intense discussions among researchers throughout the meeting. The next full plenary meeting (consortium members plus External Advisory Board members) will be in summer 2024.

IMG_6069 2024-03-14 14_25_49.jpg IMG_6057 2024-03-14 14_25_48.jpg

Researchers continued their exchange and discussions during the coffee and lunch breaks. 

IMG_6107 2024-03-14 14_27_09.jpg

IMG_6093 2024-03-14 14_25_51.jpg

IMG_6103 2024-03-14 14_28_19.jpg

IMG_6096 2024-03-14 14_27_03.jpg

Filled in inspirations and challenging ideas, the meeting provided an excellent opportunity for researchers to discuss and exchange on the specifies of their research work.    

IMG_6122 2024-03-14 14_25_54.jpg