Professor Alwyn Seeds receives the IEEE Photonics Society Engineering Achievement Award

July 2023 - The Principal Investigator of QUDOS is recognised for his outstanding achievements in photonics

Professor Alwyn Seeds, Principal Investigator of QUDOS, has received the prestigious IEEE Photonics Society Engineering Achievement Award. 

The award recognises an exceptional engineering contribution which has had a significant impact on the development of laser or electro-optic technology or the commercial application of technology within the past ten years.

Professor Seeds’ pioneering developments in microwave photonic devices and systems and the successful commercialisation of wireless-over-fiber for 5G+ cellular communication are highly regarded in the field.

In addition to being the PI of QUDOS, Professor Seeds is also Professor of Opto-electronics and Head of the Photonics Group at UCL, PI for the Centre for Doctoral Training in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems and Director of the EPSRC National Dark Fibre Facility. He has published more than 500 papers on microwave and opto-electronic devices and their systems applications, of which some 100 have been invited.

Professor Seeds is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), an IEEE Life Fellow (USA) and has served as Vice-President for Technical Affairs of the IEEE Photonics Society (USA). He co-founded Zinwave, a manufacturer of wireless over fibre systems, now a unit of Wilson Electronics LLC. There are now over 850 Zinwave systems installed in 26 countries worldwide.  He was also awarded the Gabor Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics in 2012 and the Distinguished Educator Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in 2018.

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